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With the safety locking zip (beneath your sofa), slide in the paper clip under the zip lock. Lift, and voila! You can now unzip with ease. Pull out the white Funnelweb bag already connected within. Simply tip the bean bag to unfill the beans into the Funnelweb bag. Done in seconds and no more spilling the beans! Undo zips carefully and separate the cover from the bean-filled Funnelweb. Zip up the bean-filled Funnelweb and set it aside.

Clean cover separately. For best results, hand wash. Or cold gentle machine wash. Line dry only. Do not tumble dry.

Reverse Funnelweb procedure to refill your bean bag... in seconds!

This worldwide patented Funnelweb cleaning system makes your life easy. You’ll thank us for that later we promise. No more old school fool!

For minor stains, simply spot clean with a damp cloth. For the water-resistant rear and undersides, lightly scrub fabric with soap and water. Wipe dry with a towel.