VIP Bean Bag Sofa (Choc-o-holic Brown)
VIP Bean Bag Sofa (Choc-o-holic Brown)
VIP Bean Bag Sofa (Choc-o-holic Brown)
VIP Bean Bag Sofa (Choc-o-holic Brown)
VIP Bean Bag Sofa (Choc-o-holic Brown)
VIP Bean Bag Sofa (Choc-o-holic Brown)

VIP Bean Bag Sofa (Choc-o-holic Brown)

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“This bean bag will take couch surfing to another level of comfort.”

- The Straits Times.

Get your chocolate fix without the calories with the new PiMP Choc-o-holic VIP bean bag sofa. You'll be cherry ripe for work or school after you sit on this chunky and lush bean bag. Savour this deep chocolate brown that adds a two tone depth with the cushioned air mesh fabric. Kick back with your Dr Dre's and enjoy the rhythm and soul of the lounge beats.

Get down with our VIP brown and funk up your living space. This is one cool bean bag chair you won’t regret!

Upgrade to premium longer-lasting EPP (expanded polypropylene) beans with cloud-like comfort and odourless (upgrade worth $40)
Comes filled & ready-to-use (worth $25)
Patented Funnelweb for easy-clean (worth $25)
Standard local delivery (worth $20)


Multi-layered air mesh seating:
moulds to your body for deluxe sponge-like comfort
Innovative Ambi-Spring™: internal elastic system ensures VIP support and comfort
Full high back and head support: sits you up straight and comfy
Water-resistant outer shell: freely use in your garden, balcony and on outdoor surfaces
Patented Funnelweb™: easily unfill your bean bag in seconds for cleaning
Carryable backpack straps: strap on for ultimate bean bag portability
Side pockets: have your iPhone or remote right by your side
Air ventilation system: unlike other bean bags, pushes air out so it moulds comfortably to your body
Handle: move your bean bag around easily

100% polyester

Measurements (approximate):
W80cm D110cm H95cm